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Welcome to our website.

This page will tell you more about what we do and you can go to our
  FAQ for even more information.

Firstly, we offer nationwide coverage.

Secondly, we don't charge per head and there is no minimum number for our hen life drawing parties.

Thirdly, we are not an agency and we don't sub-contract, which means our prices are the most competitive in the business.

Fourthly, we do offer nationwide two hour  hen party life drawing sessions, which are great for filling a morning or afternoon slot, all for a fixed price.

Recent feedback:

I would just like to say how amazing seb made the life drawing class on Saturday everyone was raving about him after and how he made it very classy and everyone felt very comfortable. With the big age differences he adapted it for everyone and we all of course had a lot of laughs our cheeks were hurting haha
Thank you so much again it was brilliant!!

Just to say a huge thank you to our life model Rob who did a superb job at the weekend - everyone had a brilliant time.

We absolutely loved the session, thank you! ur model and tutor were brilliant.  Really friendly and put everyone at ease and we just laughed a lot!

We all had a fantastic time, some of the girls were a little nervous when they found our what we were doing but the tutor and model put everyone at ease. Everyone commented on how much fun they had and what a great activity it was as it gave the girls who didn't know each other so well a chance to bond. All in all a great morning and would highly recommend you guys.

Our testimonials say it all and if you doubt it, you can talk to our customers!

Our price includes all your drawing materials, the venue (if you need one) and two bottles of wine (unlicensed premises only).  There's no need to pay £25-£35 per person, have a minimum number of hens and only get a one hour session which will be over almost before you've started!

Whatever you've been quoted, we think we'll beat that deal - on the experience, value for money, drawing time and model quality.  Try us.

You've probably found yourself with the job of organising a hen party or at least one activity for a group of hens.  Or maybe you just fancy doing an art class with some girlfriends and no-one is getting hitched?  Hen parties, birthday parties, girly art classes, baby showers or any excuse for a good time - it makes no difference because we can help.

We find a typical group of hens range in age from their twenties to the bride's mum.  What our groups have in common, is that they tend to be made up of professional ladies, who like quality whilst having fun.

We run nationwide hen party life drawing events where you can draw a handsome, professional male model.  Of course, since this is life drawing, your model will also be nude!  Now if you are looking for loud music, baby oil, a bodybuilder or Chippendale, then it's likely you're not too interested in drawing and you've come to the wrong place.

However, if you are looking for charming, professional, well educated and intelligent models, that are good looking, with natural, toned physiques, and critically, you want some great tuition as well as having a giggle, then you've come to the right place!

We have many years' experience, including fashion, photography, life modelling and sculpture - and of course, life drawing hen parties.  When you use us, you know who you will be getting.

We can also provide impeccable references from a wide range of satisfied customers.  Have a look at our customer comments to see just what people think of us.  We update them regularly and they are quoted word for word.  Best of all, you can always speak to previous customers who will tell you just how good we are.

We realise that flexibility is everything, so you can hold your party at a venue of your choice (we can usually find one for you if you don't have one).  In fact, we can work with you pretty much anywhere, as long as it's legal.

Dominating the market doesn't interest us - quality does.  We are staging hen life drawing parties up and down the country, from London to Brighton, Liverpool to York and Cambridge to Edinburgh, with bookings as far forward as March 2015!

We're very happy to be judged against other operators.  We think you'll easily see the difference in quality, class, professionalism and value for money.  You'll also find we're not pushy.

Please read our FAQ, which should build on this brief introduction, and if you still have questions, just send us an email.

Have a look at some photos in our gallery while you're here.  We know that not everyone wants their image all over the internet, so although it might seem harmless today, it might not be so funny or could be embarrassing in the future, by which time it will be impossible to do anything about it.

The photos in our gallery never identify participants without their express permission, but they are taken at our events and are of us, there are no stock photos and they give you a great idea of what to expect.  The photos you take on the day are private, certainly not for the entertainment of the wider world.

We hope you'll choose us to help make your hen party day, evening or weekend really memorable and fun.






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